Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is a popular full stack web framework used by some of the most well known names on the Internet such as Hulu, Github, Kickstarter and Airbnb. Our program focuses on teaching Ruby and the Ruby on Rails framework. From the basics of Ruby programming to advanced production-level application building best practices and deployment techniques, we've got you covered. Our professional-grade curriculum is designed to teach you how to build real web applications with confidence and get you job ready.

Always Supported, Never Stuck

You'll never be alone when learning with us. You'll be surrounded with teachers, teaching assistants from around the world, and of course, other motivated students just like yourself. Stuck on a tricky issue? Just shout and someone will take a look and help out. It's a collaborative learning environment unlike anything you've experienced before.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our program wows everyone who completes it. If you're not happy with the program, we'll give you a full refund. Our promise is this: if you are ready to work hard to reach your goals, we can take you there. Money back guaranteed.

What Our Graduates Say

Taking this course is by far the best decision (aside from marrying my wife), investment of time, and investment of money that I have ever made in my life.

After the first course I felt employable. I had 2 people offer me Jr. Developer positions after the second course. And then the third course was just amazing.   more →
I know I have a long way to go but I really feel like this has accelerated my learning curve by at least 1000% in just a short period of time.

I consider myself lucky that I found them in my journey to becoming a great developer. I highly recommend their program to anyone wanting to reach a truly professional level with their skills.   more →
Tealeaf Academy provided me valuable learning. It gave me the confidence that I could apply for a Ruby on Rails position and deliver the quality of work an employer expects, something no amount of textbooks and on-line tutorials would have given me.

Within a month after graduation, I secured my first six-month contract at an excellent rate for a position using my Ruby on Rails skills.   more →
I am currently working on a web application for work, one that I spent years patching together, not really knowing what I was doing. Rather than being a frustrating and overwhelming experience, it is now a joy.

If you are considering doing a bootcamp or any sort of online course to become a web developer, you have found the one - Tealeaf Academy.
  more →
The greatest value that I got out of the program was that the concepts transcended the boundaries of Rails and the back-end.

When a program designed to teach you back-end Rails also unintentionally helps you grow in other areas of development, I'd say it'd have absolutely gone above and beyond in fulfilling my expectations!   more →
There are many resources out there and many courses (believe me, I read them all...) but at Tealeaf Academy you'll do it the best way, by actually wiring it all up to one real application.   more →
By the end of the third course students are thinking like true developers, complexity is no longer overwhelming but can easily be broken down and knocked out.

I believe the best way to become an awesome programmer is to sit next to and code with other awesome programmers. Tea Leaf Academy is the closest thing I’ve found to this experience, and in some ways, might be even better.   more →
Tealeaf Academy taught me the proper way to program. They taught the design process step by step, from concept, to building, and testing. To understand how things work, and how to think like a developer. Also reinforcing good habits of programming, and showing how to avoid the bad habits of programming.   more →

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